Water is the foundation of food and life. Saving water helps to preserve our environment. Judicious usage of water now means having water available in the future.

SMAL has a team of experts for continuous identification of areas for energy optimization and conservation. SMAL has installed air cooled condenser in power plant instead of water-cooled condenser and dry ash handling system, which is major part of water conservation.

Due to combustion, pyrometallurgical operations account for most of the emissions at SMAL's various furnaces. These emissions, which have the distinctive property of being visible to residents, are of two types: channelled and diffuse dust. Originating from plant stacks, channelled emissions are distinguished by the fact that they can be quantified - for example, by using sensors placed in the plant's chimney flues. Therefore, this quantifiable indicator has been chosen as a priority goal, and SMAL is actively taking action to reduce all emissions.

Health & Safety

We realize that being the industry leader brings increased responsibilities towards our colleagues, suppliers, customers, and neighbours. We work constantly and diligently with all our stakeholders for their health and safety. Their well-being is our number one priority because we believe that a healthy workforce is the most productive asset.

Our Health and Safety initiatives include regular awareness programs and education for all our people including subcontractors. Safety committees have been formed and put in place to ensure that best practices are being percolated down to the shop floor. To ensure a safe and healthy working environment, SMAL has been accredited for ISO 45001.

SMAL is committed to protecting people and environment and preventing losses resulting from incidents/accidents. In this direction, we have adopted a goal-zero strategy for Environment Health Safety and Sustainability (EHSS). This is to ensure zero harm to people, protect environment, prevent environment pollution, comply with EHS statutory requirement.

SMAL recognizes its responsibility to provide safe and healthful working conditions, safe work procedures and rules based upon experience and safety knowledge and competent work direction for our employees.

Safety Training, which provides classroom instruction in safety fundamentals for supervisors, and ground training for workers, contractors and helpers are the key components. Training seeks to enhance understanding, change behaviours, and develop company leaders who can make a difference and train and lead others.

Every employee has the responsibility to prevent accidents and injuries by following established working rules, practicing the principles taught in safety training and providing ideas to strengthen Environment, safety, and health systems.

HSE Management System has established company-wide safety management objectives and processes for improving operational discipline and evolving inherent safety measures for plant operation.