Sarda Metal & Alloys has been striving for innovation related to the Ferroalloy industry.

SMAL is the first industry to Innovate the process to reuse the GCP dust, Raw material fines and Coke fines in the form of briquettes. By doing so SMAL has been able to save the environment by reutilizing the not so environment friendly GCP dust. Moreover, GCP dust also contains nearly 19% manganese, hence by utilizing the GCP dust, SMAL has utilized potential to conserve natural resources by reducing manganese ore usage and also contributed for the cost saving. With this innovative process there is zero hazardous waste generated which is common for other processes such as Sintering.

SMAL believes in mutual growth of the industry to achieve the same SMAL is also opened to consult on the use of GCP dust in the form of Briquettes to other ferroalloy industries.

Pig Casting Machine

In Ferro Alloy industry, SMAL is one of the first Indian industry to use pig casting machine for the finished material handling without the use of any hydraulic setup. At SMAL, metal is taken directly from the furnace and converted to finished product of required sizes with minimal manual intervention using advantages of the Pig casting machine.