Vision Mission Values

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To become the most preferred, Sustainable and largest Manganese Alloy producer in India.

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To build globally competitive and best-in-class products and deliver highest value to our stakeholders and communities.

To innovate and inspire people for environment & resource conservation.

Our Values

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We set bold targets for ourselves by challenging the status-quo and preserving with grit till we achieve them and set new benchmarks.

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We create mutual respect and trust by being fair, transparent, ethical and honest with our customers, employees, partners, statutory authorities and communities.

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Team Work

We collaborate with cross functional teams to solve everyday challenges and creating opportunities for individual and collective growth and maximizing team performance.

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We deliver on commitments made to our customers and colleagues. We value each others time and endure to speed up decision making across our value chain.

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We are agile and transform ourselves into a better us, each and every day by

1. Kaizen to improve our business operations through continuous learning & innovation.

2. Genchi Genbutsu practising On site hands on Experience by going to the source, finding facts, building consensus, making correct decisions & achieving goals as fast as possible.