Other Products

Other Products

Zero Waste

Sarda Metals & Alloys Limited is Zero Solid Waste / Effluent Discharge facility. Hence, all the by-products/waste generated are recycled and converted into usable products especially for the construction sector. This initiative is having a substantial socio-economic impact in creating micro and small enterprises and providing livelihoods to more than a one thousand people.

Two such by products generated in our production processes are – Fly Ash/Bottom Ash & SiMn Slag.

Fly Ash is generated as a by-product of burning coal. It is utilized in production of eco-bricks which is an environmentally better product than a clay/red brick. Two properties of the fly ash – fineness and pozzolanic properties help in producing stronger bricks with lesser consumption of cement.

SiMn Slag traditionally is used as a landfill. However, we granulate it by passing it through a very high-pressure water jet to create equal sized (~98%) fine granules. These slag granules are utilized as a filler material in eco-bricks to make it lighter and eventually reducing the steel requirement by making lighter structures. Our SiMn granulated slag quality is one of the finest in the industry and is being highly sought after by local brick manufacturers.