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Striving for Sustainability through technology & innovation is at the forefront of all endeavours at Sarda. Aiming to become the largest and most preferred manganese alloy producer in India with least carbon footprint is driving us to continually challenge the status-quo and transform ourselves into a better version of us every day. Climate change is the most significant challenge facing humanity today and we want to create a new paradigm for conserving natural resources for our future generations.

Kamal Kishore

Our strategy is to build a Ferro alloy business that has sustainability, quality and technology at its core. These three principles have been guiding Sarda since its formative years to compete in the global marketplace. This has helped us set high standards in Environment, health and safety. We are committed to becoming a company with the least carbon footprint with zero incidents & accidents. We are also actively involved in the development of our communities and create a positive impact in their socio-economic fabric.


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